Protect yourself from Assistance Scams

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Over the next couple of weeks to months contractors and FEMA representatives will be working in the area, in order to ensure you are working with a legitamate assistance source, remember:

A FEMA representative or FEMA Inspector will never ask you for money or to sign a contract for home repairs FEMA representatives will have identification If you haven’t applied for assistance or called your insurance company, be suspicious of anyone approaching you with offers of assistance Use local area contractors or businesses, be leery of door to door solicitors If your concerned, ask them to come back at a scheduled time and ask a neighbor to stay with you during the meeting Ask if you can take their picture and write down a license plate with get a good description of their vehicle Be suspicious of anyone who offers to increase the amount of your disaster damage assessment. Be skeptical of offers to help you fill out loan or grant forms and applications for a fee. If you need help filling out your Small Business Administration (SBA) loan package, call the SBA toll-free number at 1-800-659-2955 or go to one of the Disasters Assistance Centers at the Twin Peaks Mall, 1250 S. Hover Rd., Longmont or 5495 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder.


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