Electronics and Appliance Disposal - Drop Off Location

posted almost 7 years ago by caitria from Supporting Resilient Communities, Inc.
This update is over 30 days old.

Need to recycle flood damaged electronics or appliances? Can do so via curbside pickup or at CHaRM. Due to high volume, CHaRM is now offering an expanded drop-off center at 5030 “Old” Pearl St.

CHaRM specializes in the recycling of “hard-to-recycle” materials such as:

• electronics, including small appliances; • appliances containing Freon, such as refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners; • scrap metal; • large durable plastics; and • white block Styrofoam.

To be accepted for recycling, these items must be rinsed free of mud and cannot contain excess water. Wet paper and books cannot be recycled and must be composted or taken to a landfill. CHaRM cannot accept wet or moldy clothing or plastic bags. Visit www.ecocycle.org/charm for recycling guidelines and a more detailed list of items that CHaRM can accept.

Hazardous waste cannot be recycled at CHaRM and must be recycled at the Boulder County Hazardous Waste Management Facility at 1901 63rd St. Visit www.bouldercounty.org/env/hazwaste for information on hours and acceptable items.



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